Friday, 15 February 2013


Charity shop find.

1972 (sez Discogs) stereo test record, manufactured in the USSR, with the usual instructions - in English - for optimising your stereo listening experience.

There just *has* to be a hidden message or two on there, right?

Btw, this is the only test record I've found so far with a usuable method for ascertaining whether or not your speakers are out of phase - turns out mine were!


  1. I have a copy of this too. One of my favourite stereo checkout records almost as much fun as the old classic "This Is A Journey Into Sound, Stereophonic Sound, For D-D-D-Dance Music" EMI recording.

    Now your speakers are in proper phase at last, you should be able to un-scramble your sleeper cell activation code with ease.

    I know I did.


  2. [nervous laugh] Heh heh, good joke, "comrade"![/nervous laugh.

    *cough cough
    Подводная лодка позиции на микродот в конце этого предложения. cough hack*

  3. ..... tis a strangley common record North of the border, weird how often it crops up considering its origin.

  4. Really? Wee! If you do an image search for "rigonda" it becomes clear that there was a Russian hi-fi brand of that name, so presumably this was sold with or alongside the same-brand equipment. Are Rigonda record players more common up north as well? I'm picturing Russian freighters unloading in Northern ports.

  5. I must try to find one. Must trek North in my search.

  6. I remember that there were shedloads of Rigonda hi-fi sets and bits in some shops on the Edgware road london in the late 70's . I picked one up for £8 (was working too) and the insides looked like they were made in the early 60's although date stamped 1978. They had a fab deep varnish finish on the wooden cabinets. That record is a great find indeed.