Sunday, 10 March 2013

Filthy Jazz.


For no reason other than that I like them, and already had them scanned for another blog post that never came together, here are some illustrations by Wally ‘Trog’ Fawkes, from George Melly’s highly entertaining ‘Owning Up’ (1965). 

(Amazing to contemplate an era in which characters like these two could find themselves gainfully employed by The Daily Mail…) 

(Oh, and it also occurs to me that most of these would serve as perfect readymade names / headers if anyone’s thinking of starting a music blog...)




  1. I want to start blogs called 'Done, Been Here & Gone' and 'An Increasingly Dull Noise'. Thanks for sharing these, they're fantastic.

  2. Nice to see Mark E Smith in the second pic, with appropriate caption too.

    (Spooky coincidence - I was thinking about bunging a Trog book up this very weekend!)

  3. I have a signed George Melly poster found stuffed inside a copy of his "Melly's At It Again" LP (alongside a signed program for his 1976 gigs at Ronnie Scott's) proudly framed and displayed above my fireplace. Not sure what use that information is to anyone.

    How did this book pass me by? Read and enjoyed a couple of his memoirs over the years and this one looks great.

  4. Trog was good. He's got a show on at the Cartoon Museum.