Friday, 8 March 2013

Meet Mr. Bomb


This came out in the UK but it was adapted from a US version (tell-tale traces remain here and there).  Anyone remember seeing it?  I've no idea how or where it was distributed, or even how I got hold of this one myself.  I think the original had something to do with MAD Magazine, so maybe this was an insert.


  1. I was about to say the bit about using a hammer to kill one of your relatives seemed edgier than I remember Mad being, but this link suggests you're right.

  2. Aha, good find, Matt. I wouldn't be surprised if the hammer and cockroach pictures weren't exclusive to the UK version - the style reminds me of "Do-It-Yourself Brain Surgery" by Stewart Cowley, which was from the same period (1982, in fact). I'll have to check the credits - I suspect it's the same artist.

  3. The author Tony Hendra is telling us his story right now. You can find it in this stations archives if you miss it today: