Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New Music From The Filing Cabinets!

"The Filing Cabinets were always the biggest purists in the most puritanical scene of all – One Note Music (ONM). Whilst pretty much every other purveyor of ONM was quite happy to stick to a single note per song, brothers Jon and Trent Berhaunt always limited themselves to one note per album."
Read more (and download it for free!) here.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

JACOB BALTHAZAR - Voodoo Loungette Vol I

As well as being a world renowned Primitivist sculptor, Mr. Balthazar is a prolific explorer and has traveled the globe extensively, amassing an impressive collection of exotic curios. 

Here he presents a selection of musical artifacts obtained on his travels, arranged and blended for your home listening pleasure. Voodoo Loungette Vol I consists of mainly Polynesian, African and Latin flavours with a quick detour through the Italian Wild West and a twist of the good old cocktail lounge we all know and love. 

Listen to what he has done on this album both with songs you'll recognise and songs you may be hearing for the first time. See if the sounds don't conjure up all of your pictures of exotic lands, all of the festive, romantic, lush images. They will take you on a journey of dreams, perhaps to a sunny future or to linger for a while with nostalgic memories.

Cover Design and Pictures: DUCCIO ALESSANDRI
Model: GINA
African Curios: MODERN GIFT CENTRE, Johannesburg


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nothing but a Fine Example of Medieval Cruciform Gothic.

You know that great feeling that occurs when there are two things, both of which you like a lot, that seem so aesthetically far removed from each other as to have no viable connection whatsoever…. and then suddenly, there they are, looking like they’ve always belonged together? 

With that in mind, here are The Flirtations, performing ‘Nothing But A Heartache’ amid the ruins of Tinturn Abbey (1969).

Friday, 12 July 2013

Its all Very Odd at Times

Found this really lovely book in a very old and dusty bookshop. Sometimes when you go into an old bookshop for a rummage, you can be browsing for hours, and not find anything of any interest.........or you can walk in and find what you want in less than 5 minutes, and out again. Which is what happened to me when I found Odd Aspects of England. There are some fantastic images and places within this book, in fact to many good ones to post here. So I have posted 5 images which for whatever reason or other I like. I hope to put some more here at a later date.
May's Folly, Hadlow Kent
Triangular Lodge, Rushton Northants
House-in-the-Clouds, Thorpeness, Suffolk
Steng Cross Gibbett
Quintain, Offham

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Men of Pelican.

You'll excuse the plug, but it just occured to me that Found Objects partisans might be interested in a brief series of posts about Pelican Books that I'm currently running on my own blog.

As a taster, here is a selection of scans that allow us to learn a bit more about the individuals to whom to education of the common man was entrusted back in the golden age of paperbacks. I'm guessing they let them write their own bios.

(Also: hard to imagine picking up a modern introduction to Film Studies written by two men who'd both spent multiple years in Prisoner Of War camps...)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fountain Square: Update

Further to my original post, it is with heavy heart I must report that Fountain Square has been ripped-up and redesigned, leaving residents with a nice, tidy, featureless Gaping Void. The Square that once inspired an EP by Ekoplekz has been consigned to the dustbin of history, replaced with...what?

Some benches.

And some trees.

Oh well, at least we have Gromit adding a bit of temporary colour and excitement. Whoopee.

 'Back In The Day'

Moment of Fame


Top buzz in the Downend Voice

Gromit looks on forlornly at the soulless expanse of Fountain Square today...