Friday, 12 July 2013

Its all Very Odd at Times

Found this really lovely book in a very old and dusty bookshop. Sometimes when you go into an old bookshop for a rummage, you can be browsing for hours, and not find anything of any interest.........or you can walk in and find what you want in less than 5 minutes, and out again. Which is what happened to me when I found Odd Aspects of England. There are some fantastic images and places within this book, in fact to many good ones to post here. So I have posted 5 images which for whatever reason or other I like. I hope to put some more here at a later date.
May's Folly, Hadlow Kent
Triangular Lodge, Rushton Northants
House-in-the-Clouds, Thorpeness, Suffolk
Steng Cross Gibbett
Quintain, Offham


  1. House in the clouds now available as holiday cottage
    Not sure about the others