Saturday, 27 July 2013

JACOB BALTHAZAR - Voodoo Loungette Vol I

As well as being a world renowned Primitivist sculptor, Mr. Balthazar is a prolific explorer and has traveled the globe extensively, amassing an impressive collection of exotic curios. 

Here he presents a selection of musical artifacts obtained on his travels, arranged and blended for your home listening pleasure. Voodoo Loungette Vol I consists of mainly Polynesian, African and Latin flavours with a quick detour through the Italian Wild West and a twist of the good old cocktail lounge we all know and love. 

Listen to what he has done on this album both with songs you'll recognise and songs you may be hearing for the first time. See if the sounds don't conjure up all of your pictures of exotic lands, all of the festive, romantic, lush images. They will take you on a journey of dreams, perhaps to a sunny future or to linger for a while with nostalgic memories.

Cover Design and Pictures: DUCCIO ALESSANDRI
Model: GINA
African Curios: MODERN GIFT CENTRE, Johannesburg


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