Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Dynatron Empress

From the days when music in the home meant DEDICATED FURNITURE.  Even if it was just a table for your record deck.  I remember when I got my first record player (inherited from my older brother, I think) it was so important to find just the right place for it in my bedroom.

Check that Queen Ann style period cabinet!  And imagine the iPod equivalent. A fake, leatherbound book maybe?  A cigar box?


  1. That is fantastic Bollops. I would love to own that. Where did you find it???? I have an old pair of Dynatron Headphones that still work. Happy Christmas Bollops

  2. Cheers, Keith, and Happy Christmas to you too!

    I found this in the Rowans Hospice book shop in Marmion Rd, Southsea. They're a bit like yer Oxfam bookshops, with a section for "vintage" stuff, which is where they'd put this. Some of their book tat is a bit pverpriced like you'd expect these days, but this one was cheap enough.

    I'll try and remember to bung some more up, including a few from the headphones section :)

  3. Just had a look, loads on Ebay for 3.50 each - or the whole set (1956 - 80) for 1100 quid! Worth a look, some nice covers (I think mine up there is by far the least interesting)

  4. Oh, wait - the 3.15 jobs are SCANS on CD. Buh!

  5. Thanks Bollops will pop over to ebay for a swift look.