Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Back to Buses...

After a small reminder from our friend Bollops, i have had a dig around the archives here at Soulless Central and found a few more golden oldies to satisfy the inner 'non' bus spotter within us..

Again, these are taken in and around my local area, so they are quite dear to me.

As a special treat, you'll find the first picture comes complete with a 'Ghost Sign' in the background and the final picture is of a very tunnel like bus shelter - I mean, who doesn't enjoy waiting for a bus? Enjoy with care...


  1. And a Public Lavatory sign to boot!

    *tears of joy*

    Thanks, KO. Apologies if I've asked you this before but where do these photos come from?

    Incidentally - and sorry to bang on about Nairn again - but there are some very tasty "old buses in a devastated landscape" scenes in the first of the Nairn Across Britain progs that they've put up on the iPlayer:

    Near the end, when Nairn reaches Manchester.

  2. Tunnel Bus Shelter with very spooky person at the other end. Great pics : )

  3. Wonderful pictures. I actually was a 'Bus Spotter' for a while in my youth. I do wonder why this was so but still love the old classic double deckers.

  4. I love that advert for Polo mints that just seems to say "Polo Advertisement" in a self-deconstructing way, like that XTC album cover.

    Unless there's a pun in there, I'm missing

  5. Back when buses had character. Seem to recall from nipperdome that as you went from city to city, not only was the livery of buses different, but often they ran different makes and models too. Same with manhole covers (Yes, I had a very exciting childhood thankyou :) Bloody hell, clean streets to boot. You can't walk down my high street without wading snow drift like through feet of crap. Thanks for the post!