Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mouth Music: Cathy Berberian Sound

Sound = Cathy Berberian performing "Sequenza III" by Luciano Berio (1965).  Lifted from the Open University LP "Twentieth Century Music III", as seen HERE

Be warned, the volume varies WILDLY.

Video = Daisy's Adventures in Edgeland.  Filmed entirely on location on the areas known in our house as South Pylons and North Pylons.  South Pylons is an area of farmland that was bought by the council as part of a big new housing development, but which cannot be built on because of the pylons.

For about four years now it has been a fantastic everyman's land of rough, lumpy, open space.  Open but *unregulated*.  Maybe it's that, maybe it's the pylons or maybe it's just the rough, untidy nature of it but very few people go there.  It's bloody great.

Luciano Berio

Re: the music - can any of you remember the first time you became aware of this sort of thing?  Of vocals used in a way that would have seemed *wrong* to innocent nipper ears?

I have a - probably false - memory of it always being 'in the air', as it were, but I suspect my first actual encounter with this sort of thing would have been the theme to Children of the Stones (by Sidney Sager).

What about you?

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