Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Digital Music In The Home, pt 1.1

"Back in the 16-bit era Interactive media artist Toshio Iwai designed a SNES music composition tool that was to be released along with the SNES mouse in a bundle package, just like Mario Paint. There was even a US trademark filled for the game's western release under the name Sound Factory. Sadly, it never got released and has faded away from our 16-bit realities ever since.

"Until now, that is. A prototype cartridge showed up on eBay some time ago and the ROM was duly dumped. KiroBomber made it publicly available today"

from: Nintendo Life

As it says later on in that article, the sound and video together are mesmerising.  It reminds me of some of the earlier experimental audio-visual stuff that Simon Reynolds blogged about a while back.

Would also fit right in as background music in Adventure Time.

See also the Actually Released Electroplankton (2005 for the DS).

A bit too recent?  Not hauntological enough?  Watch the vid - there's the Vision On mascot jumping up and down on a hexagon, right there!


  1. Yes!! I love the music to loads of those snes games, especially Super Mario Bros 3 - the individual world themes, and the various underground/in the clouds/in the sand etc themes are magic. Great post!!

  2. Thanks, Eamonn! Yeah, Nintendo have always put a lot of effort into the music. I think the tunes and sfx from Zelda, Mario and Pikmin have the same effect upon my son as the themes and sounds from Star Wars had on me as a kid.